Building GraphQL APIs with AWS AppSync

Tamás Sallai
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This is an early release of this book! If you buy it, you'll get all future updates and extra chapters.

Get up-to-speed with GraphQL and AWS AppSync and deploy your next backend using a graph-based database! if you know REST, this book has everything you'll need to know to build on GraphQL in the AWS cloud.

This book follows a release early - release often model. Learn more of this model and read the available chapters on the dedicated site: . By buying this book, you support this project and help me dedicate time to work on it. Thanks! :)

Chapters included:

  • GraphQL basics: What is GraphQL, how it differs from REST, what are the building blocks
  • AWS AppSync (in progress): How to develop, deploy, and run APIs in the cloud
  • Infrastructure-as-code (soon): Terraform and AWS CDK
  • Case studies (soon): Examples from start to finish

You'll get all new versions as they become available.


  • March 3, 2022
    • There are example codes for the schema (Putting it together) and queries (Example) that shows some real-life use cases of the various parts of GraphQL.
    • There is a brand new chapter on GraphQL security under the "Access control" title. This is a deep dive on how to implement restrictions on any GraphQL API.
    • Starting with AppSync, the first chapter available is about the Authorization providers. You can learn how to integrate Cognito, OpenID connect, and IAM with AppSync, as well as how to configure a Lambda function to do the authorization.
  • April 9, 2022
    • Logging and monitoring chapter, where you'll learn all about what metrics AppSync publishes and what log levels are available
    • Custom domain chapter, that shows how to configure your own domain
    • WAF chapter with details how to add a firewall to AppSync and configure rate limiting and geo-, and IP-based filtering.
  • July 14, 2022
    • A changelog chapter is now tracking changes to the book
    • Data sources chapter on how AppSync interfaces with the world
    • Lambda data source chapter with details how to use Lambda functions with AppSync
    • DynamoDB data source chapter with a lot of details on how to use DynamoDB with GraphQL
    • DynamoDB data modeling chapter that shows how to structure data for efficient queries
  • You'll get the book, all future updates, and extra chapters

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    PDF, Epub
  • You'll get the book, all future updates, and extra chapters
  • FormatPDF, Epub
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Building GraphQL APIs with AWS AppSync

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